Quality Certificates


Tuna Customs Consultancy has a globally accepted quality management system certificate (ISO 9001) that aims to increase customer expectations, needs and satisfaction; ISO 9001 is essentially a control mechanism. The purpose of Tuna having this standard is to prevent errors and defects that may occur.


Ensuring the security of our information assets and using them effectively, quickly and securely by taking into account access rights in business processes is one of the management policies that our company has emphasized since the day it was founded. Tuna has completed the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System training and certification studies for this management system as of 2015. Tuna attaches importance to customer demands and expectations, has effective methods to measure customer satisfaction, evaluates customer complaints and offers new approaches. Tuna, with the aim of meeting the complaints and demands of its customers, moving quality standards further and with its inherent customer relations policy, has also been certified for ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Management System as of 2018.


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