Ethical Values

Tuna Customs Consultancy is one of the first companies to sign the "CUSTOMS CONSULTANTS ETHICAL DECLARATION", which includes the principles of professional behavior of Customs consultants, determined by the joint participation and work of all Customs Consultants Associations.


  • In all our activities, we comply with all national legislation to which we are subject, especially the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, and all international agreements and regulations to which the Republic of Turkey is a party.
  • Reliability, impartiality and independence are the fundamental principles that guide us in all our business principles.
  • While we take care to protect the commercial interests and legal rights of business owners, we also accept the protection of public interest as our primary responsibility and manage our business with this awareness.
  • While using our professional knowledge and skills, we take care to make decisions in line with our responsibilities such as effective use of country resources and environmental awareness.
  • We show due care to ensure that the statements we make and the reports we present are truthful, and we present the relevant information in an accurate, understandable and timely manner.
  • We accept integrity and transparency as our primary values ​​in all our processes and relationships.
  • We attach importance to information security; we give Non-Disclosure Agreements and do not share private commercial information of our customers; we do not tolerate sharing by our employees, and bind ourselves legally by Non-Disclosure Agreements.
  • We show maximum effort and care to ensure that business ethics becomes the building block of our written corporate culture.
  • We equip our managers and employees with awareness, rules and practices that will keep them away from conflicts of interest; we prevent and monitor them from taking advantage of their current duties to gain personal benefit.
  • We implement representation events (celebration, catering, hosting) as determined by our laws, charter and code of ethics. We do not allow our employees to receive gifts that will affect their impartial decisions and behavior, or to give gifts for the same purpose.
  • While carrying out our activities and transactions, pursuing to no benefit, we remain at equal distance from all kinds of public institutions, administrative bodies, non-governmental organizations and political parties.
  • We do not cause or condone corruption in our transactions.
  • We do not engage in unfair competition; we observe the protection of fair competition and consumer rights; we develop all our practices in this direction.
  • We do not engage in unregistered employment; We observe employee health and safety and support fair employment.
  • We conduct practices to increase societal unity and social sensitivity; We act with the awareness of our social responsibilities and share this awareness with our entire business environment.
  • We develop practices that will ensure that all these business ethics principles, understanding and implementations spread to all our areas of influence, including our business partners and suppliers.
  • We avoid behavior that would harm our professional reputation.
  • We respect the decisions of the Professional Ethics Committee.

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