Consultancy Services




  • To create cost advantage by managing costs effectively in turbulent economic environments.


  • Understanding the needs
  • Optimization of the cost model
  • Activating tools of supply chain and resource management
  • Raising the communication between relevant parties to the ideal level
  • Organizing the cash flow with respect to payment methods
  • Integration of the customs transactions to the ERP system within the firm
  • Supporting with facilitations under the scope of Customs legislation **


** YYS (AEO) Consultancy


This status provides a substantial cost and time advantage to firms in terms of conducting effective customs clearance operations.


Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) obtained from the Ministry of Commerce, is a status which provides convenience and privileges in customs transactions to reliable companies that fulfill their customs obligations, have a regular and traceable registration system, and have financial sufficiency, safety and security standards. It is a status that has international validity and prestige.


**OKSB (APS) Consultancy


Companies that do not meet the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator Status) criteria, but employ at least 30 workers, can obtain some cost and time advantages in more restricted transactions by only obtaining the OKSB (Approved Person Status Certificate), which is only nationally valid yet allows them to benefit from similar advantages.

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